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Ride With Midwest Track Day!

Midwest Track Day 2

May 9-10: Midwest Track Day will be hosting a motorcycle track day weekend for 3 experience levels complete with expert coaches. Their mission is to help you reach your personal goal without compromising on safety. Check them out at I’ll see you there!!

Porsche Club of America Chicago Region

chicago porsche-blackhawk 2014

May 8th: Experience the kind of driving your Porsche was designed for!  PCA instructors will be teaching drivers the skills required to drive their Porsche or other sports car. For info go to We look forward to seeing the PCA-Chicago Region back here at Blackhawk!  

SCCA-Track Night In America


May 5th: It turned out to be a great night for the Track Night In America event yesterday!  Interested in getting out on track with SCCA?  Check them out at for their next event on June 2nd.

Hoosier Tire

tire hoosier

Hoosier Tire Midwest will be available trackside for the SCCA Cen-Div Drivers School on Apr 24-26, as well as, The SCCA Majors Race hosted by Blackhawk Valley Region on May 2-3. Contact Hoosier directly for all your tire needs.

CenDiv SCCA Driver School & Double Regional Race


Apr 24-26: The Milwaukee Region SCCA Is Hosting The Annual CenDiv SCCA Driver’s School On Fri, With Double Div. Racing On Sat & Sun.  For info, or to register, please visit or There’s No Better Place To Be!  See You There!